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Riverside School District #2
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Welcome to Riverside

Dear R2 Families,

A warm welcome to our students and families to the 2020–2021 school year.  We are working hard behind the scenes to provide for a safe, healthy, and supportive school year. 

School Safety During a Pandemic - Please know that we prioritize the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Rest assured that our staff has been working diligently in fine-tuning our multiple learning models. These are unprecedented times; however, R2 commits to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our community in the most appropriate manner possible. Therefore, please help us by doing the following: 

  1. Make sure students practice proper handwashing and safety protocols;
  2. Make attendance and participation in our Riverside STEM2 Online program a priority
  3. Stay tuned for important updates and prompt notification via our school and district website.

STEM2 - This school year we will continue to focus on STEM2 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine), online instruction, and modified schedules due to COVID-19. We are fortunate to continue our partnership with Banner Health and Abrazo Hospitals to provide our students with an opportunity to have hands-on training at their facilities. This includes students participating in surgical procedures and interning at these hospitals. It is our hope that we will create a career path for our students in the medical field.

Atmosphere - R2 takes great pride in creating an educational atmosphere where students can learn in a caring, safe, and creative environment. We will focus on student achievement and foster students to engage in a lifelong love of learning. As part of our district areas of focus, teachers will regularly collaborate, analyze data, plan instruction, and develop common assessments to ensure students attain achievement throughout each grade-level. Together in partnership with community, families, and school, we can make our school district a positive environment to learn and work.

Respect for Diversity - Our understanding of and dedication to tolerance, civility, and cultural responsiveness for all people will continue to guide our learning. Remember, at Riverside, everybody belongs and all are welcome. We celebrate and embrace diversity because we can learn from our differences and grow as individuals.

Parental Involvement - During this school year, I encourage you to take an active role in your child's learning and safety as we navigate these challenging times. Please get involved to ensure increased student achievement and preparation for college success, in the following ways:

  1. Understand that we want the very best for our students. Parent participation is vital to reaching our goal of making sure every student is proficient and performing at or above grade-level;
  2. It is our expectation that every parent sign-up for and stay connected with ParentVUE. Please sign-in and monitor a minimum of twice per week to check your child’s grades and their attendance status.
  3. Please attend parent-teacher virtual conferences;
  4. Please participate in a minimum of two virtual classroom lessons, etc. and take the time to speak to your child's teacher(s) a minimum of two times per semester outside of the usual parent-teacher virtual conference meetings;
  5. Increase study time at home and monitor students in online school work. To this end, every student should read one grade-level appropriate book per week at home, in addition to his or her regular homework assignments.

R2 staff are eager to care for, support, and challenge each student to pursue excellence. I want to thank you for choosing to partner with us in the education of your child(ren). Our educators are the very best in Arizona. They have engaged in learning virtual instruction, preparing for creating a safe and healthy environment for students, training on our new Riverside STEM2 online program, reviewing student growth and achievement data, and making plans to engage our students in learning like never before.

Best wishes for an outstanding school year,

Jaime A. Rivera

Dr. Jaime A. Rivera
Superintendent of Schools/CEO
Riverside Elementary School District No. 2

Agendas & Public Notices

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Superintendent & Governing Board

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