Our Mission and Goals

Riverside Elementary School District No. 2 is a small, rural school district that was founded in 1872 and consisted of a single school site. July 25, 2005, marked the opening of our second school, Kings Ridge Preparatory Academy, with the third school already on the horizon. Riverside Elementary School District continues to grow.

In the 21st Century educational environment, it is important to recognize the impact change has in the classroom. Our primary goal is to keep our student to teacher ratio in balance, enabling the teachers to spend more one-on-one time with students.

Our District Wide Goals

  • Goal #1: By the end of the 2015 academic school year, Riverside Traditional School and Kings Ridge Preparatory Academy will be identified as excelling schools.
  • Goal #2: Riverside Elementary School District will have a total student enrollment of over 1,000 students by the end of the 2015 academic school year.

Our Belief Statements

For our Students, we believe:

  • Every student will be educated academically and socially so as to be a productive citizen.
  • All students will have equal educational opportunities to achieve their individual potential.
  • We have something to offer every student.
  • Each student is unique.
  • Successful education depends on parental commitment to education.

For our Classified Staff, we believe:

  • Failure is not an option.
  • Higher expectation yields higher results.
  • All staff play a role in the educational success of a child.
  • Kids can be successful with caring adults.
  • Learning is enhanced in a safe and orderly environment.
  • We should educate our students as if they are our own.
  • Effective supervision and customer service are essential to student achievement.

For our Teachers, we believe:

  • Teachers are the foundation of a strong educational system.
  • Teachers will maintain high expectations for themselves and their students.
  • Teachers should serve as positive role models for students.
  • Teachers will actively seek parent support and involvement. 

For our Principals, we believe:

  • A principal is the instructional leader of the school.
  • A principal is the facilitator for a positive learning environment.
  • A principal actively seeks parent support and involvement.
  • A principal serves as a liaison between school and community.
  • A principal maintains high expectations for students and staff members.

For our Governing Board, we believe:

  • Students are the number-one priority.
  • The board conveys the educational needs and desires of the community to the district and establishes policies accordingly.
  • The board maintains high expectations for the district and themselves in working toward excellence. 

For our Superintendent, we believe:

  • The superintendent is the instructional leader, principal mentor, and facilitator of continuous school improvement district-wide.
  • The superintendent promotes and upholds a positive educational climate for the school district.

In general, we believe:

  • In human beings as the single most important element in the educational process.
  • In behaving with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
  • In challenging people to reach their full potential so each individual contributes to educational excellence.
  • In reaching quality decisions through a collaborative process with all stakeholders.
  • In establishing priorities that respond to the needs of our students, staff members, community, and serving as the driving force behind all of our actions.
  • In focusing on excellence in everything we do.