Child Nutrition Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to the academic success by encouraging a positive learning experience while promoting life-long healthy eating habits and ensuring all students have access to nutritious, tasty, and affordable meals served by caring professionals in a pleasant environment.

Why Breakfast at School

When students start the day with a nutritious breakfast, they start the day ready to learn. Some students skip breakfast at home because they are not hungry when they first wake up. Many families find it difficult for their children to get up, dressed, fed, and off to school. When parents rely on the school breakfast program, they can be assured that their child will receive a healthy breakfast every day. Riverside School District offers breakfast in the classroom for students at Riverside Traditional and Kings Ridge at no cost!

Culinary at RESD

We are excited to bring hands-on cooking classes for our students! This program is an exciting hands-on cooking activity that will take place prior to lunchtime. Part of the cooking activity will be a tour of the kitchen, students will learn how to properly sanitize and wash their hands, store food, and take temperatures.

Under the guidance of the CNS manager and kitchen leads, students will then help in the preparations of a selected recipe. The cooking activity will take place away from the busy kitchen and we will not permit use of knifes or open flames. Students will then get to share their culinary creations with their favorite school personnel and enjoy a special lunch with their fellow chefs!

Three students eatingThree more students eatingSix students holding their certificates of completion in culinary
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