Student Dress Code

Riverside School District No. 2 strives to maintain an environment that is safe for all students and an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and not distracting for any reason. We expect all students to dress in the proper school uniform attire. It will be the parents’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. (The Kings Ridge dress code is slightly different).

We expect students to keep themselves well groomed and neatly dressed at all times. We will not permit any form of dress or hairstyle that is contrary to good hygiene or distractive or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school. 

No colors for hair other than what is considered a “natural” color, highlights included. Hair styles not accepted: mohawks or any variation of a mohawk.

Since fashions and name designations for wearing apparel change frequently, the administration, with the advice and counsel of faculty, students, and parents, may provide an interpretation of garments that are questionable. The dress code is in compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes 15-712.

We expect all students who attend district schools to dress in proper school attire. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. All students will wear the standard school clothing. The clothing may not be altered in a manner that includes, but is not limited to, slits and shredded hems or that is disruptive to the educational process. Please view the detailed dress code description below:

  • Tops - Solid red. No logos will be allowed on shirts or sweatshirts unless it is a Riverside Traditional School mascot logo. All tops must have a collar, long or short sleeves, and no zippers. All tops must be tucked in. Undershirts worn beneath tops must be white or red only. Tops must be size appropriate.
  • Bottoms - All khaki, no denim, and no logos. The bottoms may be pants shorts, skirts, jumpers, or skorts. All shorts (for boys and girls), skirts, jumpers, or skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee. No sweatpants, athletic type pants, jeans, or overalls may be worn. All bottoms must be size appropriate. Pants may not touch the ground or flare wider than a shoe length at the bottom. 
  • Belts - Belts may be one solid color, brown or black. No initials or logos of any kind on belts or belt buckles.
  • Shoes - For safety reasons closed-toed and dosed-heeled or athletic shoes are allowed. No platform shoes, open-toed sandals, or slippers shall be worn. Shoelaces must be correctly laced, securely tied, and standard size. White, red, or brown socks, or tights may be worn.
  • Winter Wear/Outer Wear - Must be size appropriate with no logos other than the school mascot. Solid white, red, black, or grey sweatshirts may be worn over a uniform shirt with the collar showing. Flannel or plaid shirts are not allowed. Undershirts worn beneath tops must be white or red only.
  • Other – No facial piercings allowed. Pierced jewelry is only acceptable for females in the ear area. No pierced jewelry may be worn by boys. Girls may wear only one earring per ear. No sunglasses, hats, caps, or bandanas (including hair bandanas) may be worn by any student. School administration realizes that during the cold winter months students may wear a head covering, such as a cap; however, students wearing these articles must remove them upon entering the classroom. Any exceptions must have a medical excuse on file. Wallet chains or oversized neck chains are not allowed. Excessive jewelry, tattoos, buttons, or other accessories, which promote the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and those that make reference to or identify gangs are not allowed.
  • Students at no time during the school year may wear a hood on their head. The school administration recognizes that there are some cold days during the winter season in Arizona; however, if a student wears a hooded sweater or sweatshirt, the hood will remain off the student’s head while in any building on school grounds. Students who are routinely reminded will receive a referral and run the risk of possible school suspension due to repeated offenses.

You may also view the codigo de vestimenta, the Spanish version of our dress code.